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Disability inclusion in strategy and programs

Many organizations are recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusivity, including the inclusion of people with disabilities in various capacities such as employees, partners, or visitors. Research has consistently shown that diverse and inclusive organizations are significantly more productive than those that are not, and there is a clear preference among people for engaging with businesses that embrace diversity and inclusivity. We assist organizations in integrating disability inclusion into their strategies and programs.

We are committed to providing:

Support for integrating disability inclusion into organization strategy

We help organizations integrate disability considerations into their human resources, procurement, programs, and services, fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces that promote equal opportunities for all.

Assistance with integrating disability consideration into programs

We provide guidance and support to ensure that disability considerations are integrated into various programs, enhancing accessibility and inclusivity.

Linkages to support services for persons with disabilities

We facilitate connections to support services tailored to the needs of individuals with disabilities, ensuring they have access to the resources and assistance they require.

Disability awareness training

We offer training sessions to enhance awareness and understanding of disabilities among staff and beneficiaries, promoting a more inclusive and supportive environment.

Inclusive access to employment & enterprise development

We collaborate with organizations involved in access to employment and enterprise development to design and implement projects that prioritize inclusivity.

Our services include


Project design & implementation

We assist organizations in designing and implementing projects in access to employment and enterprise development, ensuring that they reach people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups effectively.


Expert guidance

Our team provides expertise in areas such as career guidance, employability skills, and mentorship to support individuals with disabilities in accessing employment opportunities and advancing in their careers.


Enterprise development support

We offer support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in areas such as business planning, digital marketing, business management, financial management, and market access, fostering their growth and success.


Inclusive training & support

We conduct business training sessions to equip entrepreneurs with essential management skills and provide support at every stage of startup creation, including planning reasonable accommodations for the full integration of people with disabilities.

Project Management and Research Related Studies

We provide consultancy services in project management and research studies, ensuring that projects are designed, implemented, and evaluated with inclusivity in mind. By integrating disability inclusion into all aspects of strategy, programming, and research, we aim to create more inclusive and equitable environments where everyone can thrive.

Our offerings

Project management support

We assist organizations in conducting needs assessments, feasibility studies, competitiveness assessments, and project evaluation studies, ensuring that gender and disability considerations are integrated throughout the process.

Inclusive data collection

Our consultants are skilled in collecting data from diverse groups, including people with different disabilities and other vulnerable groups, to ensure comprehensive and inclusive research outcomes.

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