About Us

We are a social enterprise dedicated to disability inclusion in employment programs and services.

Our Vision

Economic participation of all, regardless of their disability status.

Our Mission

To educate, support, and advocate for inclusive employment while nurturing enterprises for the economic participation of all.

We provide programming and specialized consultancy services to non-governmental organizations and corporates, aiming to influence inclusive access to employment, enterprise development, and projects. We aim to educate and advocate for disability inclusion, as well as support organizations in integrating disability into their employment practices and programs and their integration in communities.

What we provide


We design and implement projects aimed at empowering persons with disabilities access employment opportunities, grow their enterprises and be integrated into their communities. We hope to educate and advocate for disability inclusion in workplaces, businesses and in communities.

Consultancy Services

We offer specialized consultancy services to NGOs and corporates in: Youth employment, Enterprise development, Project Management, Disability inclusion. All our services mainstream disability inclusion. We support your organization to employ and onboard people with disability, integrate disability into projects and organization strategy as well as educate and advocate for disability inclusion. 

About our founder

Jane Kimani is the founder and CEO of Pointers Global Consultants Ltd. She holds a Masters of Arts in Project Management and is a Professional Fellow in Inclusive Disability Employment Fellowship sponsored by the US State Department.

Jane has worked in senior management and project management for close to twenty years, with the majority of her tenure dedicated to organizations advocating for disability rights. She has been a consultant for close to ten years and brings a vast experience in disability rights, enterprise development and education. Jane proudly identifies as a person with disability and is delighted to contribute both her professional and lived experience with disability to her work.

Core Values

Respect for diversity & inclusion

We create an environment where every individual is respected, valued and empowered, embracing diverse perspectives and ensuring equitable opportunities for all regardless of their disability and gender


We prioritize competence, integrity, respect and accountability in every interaction, reflecting a commitment to high standards and excellence


We uphold honesty, ethical principles and moral values fostering trust transparency and consistency in both personal and professional actions and decisions.


We foster a culture of respect, understanding and support our staff and customers

Become part of an inclusive community

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